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Floral Arrangements For Functions

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Combining creativity and using this in the right sense along with the arrangements make it attractive for the eyes. The flower arrangement section should be managed effectively because the overall beauty of a function is viewed through this. Not only occasions require flower decorations but also both home and office. This can be done by one of the best event management companies in the UAE. The type of flowers to be included in this can be of fresh cut flowers, artificial flowers and dried flowers. A party organiser should make sure that the arrangement is based on the taste of the customer and also depends on the occasion too. In the world of floral arrangements, there are three types of arrangements.

These are:
  • Oriental Flower Arrangements: in the floral arrangement, the emphasis is on the lines.
  • Traditional Flower Arrangements: The emphasis is on using several flowers as a flower section.
  • Modern arrangements for flowers: there are no rules at all. These floral arrangements are the cornerstone.
Some of the flower arrangements include:-

Floral bouquets

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They are simpler to assemble than formal flower arrangements. The most famous are bouquets made of roses, followed by carnations, daisies of gerbera and chrysanthemums.

Table Centerpieces

special day arrangements

Centerpieces are nothing more than normal floral arrangements, designed to be placed on tables when dinners are held on occasions such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, etc. Using memorabilia or traditional decorations, you can convey a theme for the occasion. The buffet table offers flowers, fruits and vegetables an exquisite still life.

Floral baskets

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Floral baskets are flower arrangements made in varying depth baskets. Therefore, floral basket flowers should be selected based on basket size. They are popular as gifts on special occasions such as Christmas, Mother's day, etc.

Floral wreaths

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A floral arrangement in the shape of a circular garland, typically woven with flowers and leaves, which generally signify honour or celebration. Wreaths are particularly popular as a sign of honoring the deceased at funerals. Also, on days such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas, they are used to greet the guests as wreaths of welcome when dinners are held.

Decorating with dried flowers and Pampas grass

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Dried flowers are a good option if you feel like your flowers will die out fast. Pampas grass is a very nice option. It exudes the California-cool chic signature but still blends in with a fresh, neutral colour palette, making it ideal for subtle spring decoration.