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Great Aerial Decor ideas for occasions

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To make the event more attractive and appealing for the audience and to provide more enclosed feeling Aerial Decor is used. Aerial Decor makes the occasion more bright and active. The usage of various properties adds more creativity to the event and makes it even more beautiful. This is mainly used for reducing the height of the ceiling, whereby including various props it is made more enclosed. Being the most attractive element of an event it is important to use a mesmerising theme for the same. The pictures taken will talk about the greatness of the design and its organisation.

Floral Arches


For creating a great entry for any occasion floral arches can be used. No more decorations are needed due to the floral bunches. You can naturally flaunt through this scenic decoration like it’s been there before, as a part of the event. According to the theme giving different floral decorations will make the people identify the difference. This type of decoration is mostly used for outdoor events.

Projection images

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According to the theme of the event, this decor can be arranged easily and it is more budget-friendly. This includes projecting images on the wall and creating designs that are appealing to the human eye. As a projection display, this can also include light dances. If there is something you want to hide, then projection displays are best. Being one of the best event management companies in Dubai it is important to keep an eye on such details.

Hanging light elements and lanterns

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Combining with the LED lights hanging light pieces can create a highlighting effect and can be controlled according to the changing music. This is mainly used for occasions where the ceiling height is more and can be brought to a normal one by applying more effective properties.
A great advantage of using lantern decorations is that they can be changed accordingly whether its day or night. Day time can be more colourful and blending whereas night can be transformed with light effects.

Swing seating’s

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To add more life to your events you can add swings to the occasion. It can be used as a property for an entertainment program, where it is hung way above the audience and used to swing from one end to the other. It can also be used as the seating arrangement for the audience where it is hung lowered to the ground.

Globe/Balloon ceiling

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The globes create a more aesthetic look intertwined with each other. Balloons can also be used as bubbles to create a more dreamy effect.
Aerial decorations can be used to lift our moods. Being one of the best corporate event management companies in Dubai it is important to arrange them according to the themes. We offer the best event management services in Dubai.