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Great ideas to inspire your next award ceremony

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Planning an award function for the contributions made by your customers or actors for the business or industry or even the fashion events is the best way to meet people and promote your brand by providing awareness. These award functions are organised for gathering a large crowd through which you can increase your brand recognition and ask for donations or ticket sales.

According to your program, choose a theme

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Creating a theme according to your program is very vital for an award ceremony, or else it can be easily forgotten. To bring about the excitement there are varieties of themes to choose from. You can include any theme ideas in your events to make it more organised. According to the theme, you can build your programs and make it a grand one. To make it more like you planned you can even add extra bits to it and make it more colourful.

Venue is important

These are:

Choosing something out of the box will be a plus to your event. The audience will be introduced to a new venue and will expect more from you when you organise an award function. Even choosing a new venue will give a fresh feel to your program.
It can be organised:-

  • Underground- in a subway
  • Some open space or rooftop
  • Beach with lanterns

Unique stage design

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Creating the stage according to the theme is challenging but is worth the try. It is of great importance to keep your stage grand and at the same time exciting/creative.
According to the theme, you can change the background of the stage.

  • If it is a film award, then movie clips can be included in the background.
  • If it is a business-related award, then you can include the image of the client.
  • If it is a book award, then the background image can be something related to the genre.
  • If it is a music festival organised in Dubai, then the background image can be something related to it like including the images of great musicians.

Impressive invitation

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Each and every bit matters in an award function. An invitation is such a thing of importance and it does matter. They become a vital part of the event, as the audience decides whether to visit the event according to the invitation made. These are the first impressions they receive. The invitation should be exciting and creative and should make them eagerly wait for the event to arrive.

Having a good MC

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To get the audience engaged in the program is the aim of organising every event. But for that having a good MC is equally important and keeping the audience listening to him/her makes them wait eagerly for more. A good MC will be able to read the audience and keep up with their mood. If they are tired then he/she can move with the program a bit faster or if they are excited and responding, then you can walk through them and have a friendly talk too.