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The things to note when making a Halal Cake

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Cake is the sweet something; everyone wishes to have, no matter what the occasion is. They are the starters in food, having a piece of cake is like sharing the happiness together. If it is for the sweet tooth, then it is impossible to stop at one piece. Cakes have no religion, but it varies in certain ingredients while moving from one place to another or from one religion to another.


For the Muslims having the halal custom makes them able to have only certain types of cakes without ingredients like alcohol and animal products. The Muslims have to question themselves before trying a cake, during any functions or else the ingredients should be mentioned. Somebody who knows about this custom will avoid alcohol content in the cake and make it consumable for them too.

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If you are planning for some birthday functions or a surprise party, the cake cannot be avoided. Being the party organiser, it is essential to include a variety of halal and Muslim-friendly cakes. If you are going to bake a cake of your own, then there are certain things you must pay attention to. They are mentioned below:-

Paying attention to the ingredients

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It is important to avoid certain ingredients that we normally use in cakes like alcohol and animal products for the sake of Muslims. They cannot consume anything, even the baked goods with these ingredients included. Many of the fondants will have animal products in it, so it is important to mention the ingredients by the suppliers, whether it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Even though there is a proper replacement for every ingredient, the only one which stands out, is the cream cheese, nothing can replace the real taste of cream cheese. The only thing to do is to add butter cream filling.

Haram in the ingredients used

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For gold work decoration, using colours is required, where liquid mixes and flavouring extracts are added. These contain either alcohol or ethanol which cannot be included. The sugar used in the baked goods is also not halal free, because this imported refined sugar are cleaned with the bones of dead animals. Some of them are refined using a process where cow-derived bone char is used. They are not halal certified.

The beet sugar is usually replaced by sugarcane sugar, which is used in cookies and cakes. But this sugar is cleaned using animal bones, of dead ones, making it haram for Muslims.