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Unique First Birthday Party Ideas For Boys


The First Birthday Celebration will be a special one, for the parents and the child. So it is important to make this day a memorable and colourful one for your child, as photographs and videos will talk about the event rather than explaining it later to your child. Make sure to invite everyone who has made your child's life wonderful during the starting days, it can also include all the new mom friends and children.

You can create loads of memories at their first birthday and click pictures that can be later used to embarrass them on their wedding day. Having a theme for your baby's first birthday party will make it more organised. Many party ideas emerge from these themes and according to which the party decorations can also be organised.

Dinosaur party


If your child is so fascinated about the dinosaurs and always likes to play with them, trying to learn their names, then surely this is for you and your child. You can give him a little surprise by preparing a dino-cake and dressing him with a large ‘Roar’! You can also add fun to your party by arranging some dino games for the bigger kids like ‘pin the tail on the dinosaur’.

Soccer themed party


If your baby is interested in balls and love playing them with those tiny feet, make him a huge soccer cake. Also, make sure he won't kick the cake down! You can also conduct a soccer game for the bigger kids if the weather allows. Cookies and cupcakes can be made in the shape of soccer balls and also names can be included in this.

Space party


The space party is easy to organise, it will be something out of the world for your child to witness and very simple too. Cookies and cakes can take the form of a solar system or even stars and moon. Bigger kids can be given a chance to mold their own solar system or a drawing competition can be conducted for them, theme songs can also be added.

Automobile party


This can be the most used theme for a boy child's birthday party. From a younger age, they will be attracted to vehicles and always desire more. So the perfect birthday party for your boy child will be the automobile party. This will be the easiest party to organise too. He can be dressed with pictures of cars or trucks and for the cake, you can include cars and trucks on your birthday cakes or can make some eatable vehicles. For games, you only need to add your vehicle collection at a separate space and the children will know what to do with them.

Party based on a storybook


If your child loves hearing stories and is fascinated by the characters in the story, this party is meant just for your kid. According to the story you selected, you can bring the characters alive on your decorations and cake. The cookies and cakes can be in the shape of caterpillars or bees. You can also keep a storytelling competition for the bigger kids and listen to them too.
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