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What should an event planner carry with them

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Event planners must be ready for every occasion be it wedding or some other events. They must be prepared for every emergency. We never know when and where an emergency situation occurs. So it is important to stock their handbag with essentials in case of such emergencies.
Listed below are some of the most needed ones:-

Wipes (makeup remover)


To freshen up your face and bring back your natural self it is important to have wipes. Mostly it is used for rubbing off the smudged mascara or eyeliner. But if you need a fresh patch of makeup to be applied on your face then this is the best essential to be made handy.

Protein bars

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One of the essential things that an event manager must have is the protein bars. This is necessary as it is easy to consume and while providing you with instant energy. Also being busy with your work you will not be able to have anything properly so it is necessary to feed yourself some essential proteins.

Hair ties

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Being busy all day and with the increased tension it will be difficult for you to think or plan clearly with your hair flying all over your face and creating a disturbance and making you sweat. So it is better to carry some hair ties along with you. You can also distribute it to your much-needed friends and escape them from the heat too.


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If your events are conducted outdoors then this is an essential ingredient to be included in your handbag. To prevent yourself from getting a skin allergy or from protecting the face from UV rays applying sunscreen and carrying them with you is a better way to treat yourself.


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It is better to carry deodorant with you as perspiration can be your worst enemy during event organising. If you are more than active during your management, beware! You should definitely have your easy to carry- pocket deo to save you from the worst of situations.

Phone charger

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It is very essential to carry your charger with you as an event organiser. Even though you have charged your phone in the morning, using it for an entire busy schedule makes it drain out the charge faster. If you are a wedding organiser then it is of utmost importance to have a phone with a charge to have everything to be planned till the end.

Pair of flats

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It is recommendable to have a pair of flats and take them with you. Heels can always damage your foot and spine. If you feel like changing them a pair of flats will make your feet free and soothing.