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Creative wedding stage decoration ideas

Wedding stage decorations are an important part of a wedding and every minute detail should be perfect. The numerous elements of a stage decoration include traditional flowers, oriental flowers, standees and props, curtains, drapes, crystals, decorative stones and mirrors and other soft decorative elements. Indian wedding decorations have changed over time. Most importantly simple Indian wedding decorations are now preferred and stand at the top of the list. Of all the wedding stage decorations must stand out. According to the wedding planner we provide customising facilities according to the tastes of the couples. The wedding stage decorations have a lot to offer, a variety of choices so that we are not able to decide.

Peachy setting

The main attraction of this stage is the peachy setting and multi-hued florals with fairy lights. This is one of the simple decorative ideas but they look very sweet for the eyes. The stage backdrop looks very royal along with the added properties of candle holders.

White and Gold combo

One of the best combinations for decor is the White and Gold along with a tinge of red. For the decoration, large flowers are used and it will have a touch of pink, olive green arranged in big vases. Adding to its royal look is the white and red sofa arrangement.

Garden inspired backdrop

An overgrown garden can become your wedding backdrop. If you prefer outdoor wedding parties then this will be unique decoration for you. Adding some extra florals to your backdrop along with some fairy lights will add to the perfect destination.

Boho-style stage

The stage decoration has a bunch of red and white flowers with a background of pink light. What adds to the uniqueness of the stage is the addition of white fur, so soft and adorable. This is an example of a simple stage decoration idea.

White-Green combo

Another classy combo is the Green and White decors where the florals can be a mix of both either decorated in the shape of an Arch or as an elongated decoration. Not only this, but the stage can also be arranged with interesting candle holders, wooden drum barrels, metallic candelabras. White sofas with the perfect light setting will match the overall appearance of the stage.

Shimmery stage

Here the whole attraction goes to the shimmery pieces. They can be white, golden and silver with large handcrafted white flowers and just candles. Nothing more. The sofa will be plain white and no other added decorations. With all shimmery and starry you will be a part of the fairy tale world.

Coral- floral décor

This stage is heavily decorated with florals. It has shades of pink and peach and also a huge chandelier. This is a grand decoration comprising large bunches of florals with a minimal sofa seating. This will be a dream decoration of many.

Regal look

Here antique is given more attention along with some lavish drapes. This look has heavy maroon drapes along with some classic combination of gold and white. To add more regal vibes add some antique vessels along with the decoration.

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