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How Corona Virus has affected the event Industry

Exhibitors and attendees not being able to travel

With the exhibitors and attendees not being able to travel they could not conduct any events. As most of the audience is related to Asia programs are cancelled as they contributed to a huge audience, some most important chunks. For those investing money in the event, it will be a huge loss and having to suffer such a drawback is not an easy thing to cope up with. Thus ending up with cancelling the events. Most of the exhibitors were also not able to make it, this pressurises the event planners to cancel the event. As Cisco and Facebook were two tech events with Asian markets, they are the most affected.

Cancelling events in the highly infected areas


For the events planned in February and March, the event planners are very much disturbed. Beyond April no events are not yet planned and the planned ones are been cancelled. For the coming two or three months it will be very risky to carry on with any events. We should keep on updating with the information given and should decide on what to do.

Some destinations will be avoided

Most of the planned events are been cancelled, making it difficult for event planners to decide. Instead of cancelling an event it is more sensible to relocate. Changing the location makes it easier for people to come without any panic. Many events planned to be conducted in China is being relocated to some safer places. It is suggestible to choose a destination where the attendees are able to reach. Try to choose the venues and suppliers who already know the safety guidelines and are able to abide by them.

Face to face meetings

In meetings or conferences, one of the main advantages is to talk face to face with others. But in such situations, we cannot make this possible with a risky global health factor. The very possibility of virtual meetings makes this situation much easier to handle. Even if you are infected or not you can have a virtual meeting with the people. Effectively managing the technical difficulties is the only challenge to be faced, which keeps your attendees engaged. Here anyone's well being is not affected.

Providing medical boosts

For every event, they will have something unique and everybody won't be ready to take it. Relocating is always not a good option but that doesn't mean certain precautions shouldn't be taken. Calling out for a larger gathering when having such an outbreak in China is not suggestible in case someone is affected and not


yet identified it. Also depending on the location medical personnel can check for these viruses in crowded places like the airport. Providing supplies like hand sanitiser and masks can also help.

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