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How technology has influenced the Film Industry


The contribution of Lumiere Brothers to the Film Industry cannot be erased and will be added in the pages of cinematic history. But today the film industry and production have gone beyond that, beyond everyone's imagination and are still developing according to the change in technology. With improving technology not only the way the film is produced is changing but also the business side is changing too. Filming an event and a movie is entirely different. With the change in technology, both fields have developed too.


3-D Technology (without glasses)

Using 3D glasses has gone out of trend and people are not ready to pay extra for these glasses which make them look stupid. With the change in technology and 3D effects, it has again attracted back the attention of people. James Cameron (Avatar) is waiting for this technology where people can watch the movie without glasses, bringing his vision to life (Avatar 2). If he will try out this option in his movie, then definitely the others will follow too. 

  • Using 3D for props and sets

For the digital execution, filmmakers are using concept software, where the 3D objects are created with 3D printing. 3d printing has helped create props for many movies like the full-scale tank exterior in Fast & Furious 6Spaceship sets in Ex Machina and Avengers: Age of Ultron.


Coming of Virtual and Augmented Reality

3D movies always take the audience into another world, where everything can be witnessed closely and as a part of the movie. But with virtual reality, you can run down there and become the character of the film such is the quality it offers. They can become participants of the movie with such technological developments.

Not only the virtual reality but Augmented Reality has also developed alongside VR. Pokémon Go is the best example of augmented reality, where the users are able to see the real world and at the same time the Pokémon too.

Balancing the Lighting design

Filming has reached a certain range where anything can be made possible. With 3D effects and VR, AR concepts of how a film is shot have changed so much. The change in lighting technology has also made film producers work much easier. Science has made art possible.

Scope of using Drones

Drones are usually used by low budget filmmakers as it is convenient to use compared to helicopters and they can also get the shots they want. Some of the disadvantages of using a drone are short battery life and low quality. But drones have occupied their space not only in filming but also in other filming events like weddings and other occasions too.

Sound Design (AI)

Giving better sound effects to silent footage is the speciality of Artificial Intelligence. If the computer system can understand and differentiate between the sounds of a drumstick hitting wood and a pile of leaves then this will be an advantage to the film industry as the sound designers will be able to fit in the effects for their production.