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How to manage your Negative thoughts as an Event planner

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Why would we concern ourselves with how the event planner and his or her staff feel? Because feelings are contagious. This is not a new idea. This perspective can often increase frustration, anxiety, or even depression and make things worse by wanting to stop negative thinking or feelings. Our feelings are changing depending on the people who enclose us. We do have bad days and are all individuals, but we just have one chance at our guests and their encounters and making sure that you and your vendors have a good partnership is key to the overall experience. Sometimes it's not even your interaction with the vendor, but if they face attendants, then the participants will feel their emotions.

The Ripple effect

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Dubai event planners cover every part of the experience with the various partnerships involved: location, AV service, entertainers, guests, decorators, clients and attendees. Research has found that when people are in a space together, the most emotionally sensitive individual can transfer his or her mood, both optimistic and negative, to others within two minutes. When we agree that you can't monitor your emotions or feelings, but instead concentrate on maintaining your understanding of them, and manage their effects, without getting caught up in them, so reality will be even less challenging. It is crucial to understand that the nature of our feelings and impulses is less essential than how we allow them to influence us.


Don't fake it.

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In contrast to trying to fake it in front of the audience, the event planner needs to calm down actively. Take a few minutes from the participants to find a quiet mediation spot, listen to your favourite music. It would help lower the blood pressure and keep signals in the mirror neuron network of the patients from becoming overwhelmed. Nonetheless, if you've lost space, plant a few overtly optimistic event staff and leaders of the committee or an association to move about and positively infect others. Unknowingly, your participants imitate their facial expressions, body language and tone.

Spread only good vibes

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Smiling is a powerful weapon to infect your brain into thinking that you are happy. There is also plenty of evidence that your emotions will follow in the near future by changing your physical behaviour. It's also not shocking that we smile too much as we greet visitors at the reception desk. When you smile at a participant, they shoot their mirror neurons and feel the emotions of a smile, like warmth, happiness and positivity. The feeling of pleasure in the brain always arrives with a smile. So it's the main aim of an event manager to impress the client with not just our happiness but a pleasant event experience.

Free your thoughts or feelings, don't try to control them. Emotional regulation does not mean that thoughts and emotions are stifled, distorted or ignored in an effort to maintain control. Once, it is necessary to have a healthy detachment. The cumulative audience experience will benefit from a shift in our emotions. It is time for awareness.