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The steps to becoming a successful event planner



Becoming an event planner is not as easy as you think. You should take different stands from being an event coordinator to a social coordinator of both small scale and large scale corporate functions. Even though it is a rewarding career it is not easy to deal with. If you want to be one of the leading event planners then you should be good at communication, time management, and organisation. These are some of the skills that cannot be taught from a book. The initial step will be to get the advice of other professionals in the same field even if you have a few years of experience or are starting afresh. Given below are the paths to becoming a successful event planner.

Having a degree or diploma


The first step is to have a degree or diploma. Select the best institute to acquire your degree in becoming an event professional. Having a degree is of advantage in this highly competitive world. You can take your degree in the following options:-

  • Public Relations
  • Media & Communications
  • Tourism Management
  • Hospitality Management
  • Business & Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Event Management

Acquiring experience


With more events being planned out companies are looking for entry-level assistance more than before. To get a better view of the industry internships are the best paths. They will have onsite projects and procedures to learn and understand. You can also acquire experience through volunteering for large scale events like the Olympic Games. Having at least 1-2 years of experience is relevant.

The role of experience includes:-

  • Guest relations coordinator
  • Catering coordinator
  • Communications assistant
  • Venue management
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Administrative assistants

It is important to have great networking from the initial stage of your business to reach your goal. Having a good reputation is also vital ion your career building process and helps in connecting with as many industry professionals as possible.

Acquiring skills

  • Computer knowledge

Even though event planners spend a lot of time in spreadsheets, database and project management tools, they should also have ideas on the developing technologies and learn how to use them.

  • Multitasking ability

Some of the essential skills an event planner should possess are multitasking ability, thinking long term and should be detail-oriented.

  • Interacting

Being an event planner means a good communicator too. You should possess great verbal and written communication skills in coordinating event marketers, your workforce, vendors, sponsors and on goes the list.

  • Composure

There can be times when nothing is going as you planned and everything is falling apart. Even at this stage, you should be able to keep calm and cool and not take the pressure in. If you take it in not only will it affect you but your team members will be affected too. It can travel from top to bottom and bend you down.

  • Problem-solving skill

The number one quality of an event planner is the skill to solve any problem. Even though you have a decent plan/idea with you and you are damn sure about conducting the event in a successful manner you still have many problems in between. Solving them in a positive manner makes you a successful event planner.

Making the aim true


If you have acquired all the skillset mentioned above and are excited to start your venture, then you are all set to go. Be confident and stand tall.

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