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Unique Wedding gifts ideas in India



Indian weddings are full of coloursentertainments and shows. Gifts are the best ways to express your wishes and prayers to your loved ones. They are covered with full of emotions, that can be felt when opened. So it will be quite a challenge for people to select the best gifts for their loved ones. If you are searching for gifts that stand out from the others then it can be tough. Gifting expresses joy and gratitude with both the hosts and guests exchanging them. Moreover, this is the best way to show your love and respect towards someone you care. We can help you in finding some of the best wedding gift ideas. 

Personalised gifts


Nowadays it has become trendy to gift your friends with personalised gifts. Gifting the wedding couple with personalised gifts will be a memorable one for sure. Also, there is a wide range of gifts to choose from. It will be more valuable if you have memories of them with you so that you can gift a photo collage or photo frames or cushion covers or laptop skins or even coffee mugs. Having the anecdotes of your near and dear ones on the gift can be an added surprise for the couples. 

Gift vouchers



Are you struggling to get on a conclusion on what to gift your friends? Don't worry. Gift vouchers are here to save you. All the top portals have gift voucher services. You can choose the particular amount thus giving them the freedom to choose what to buy

Spa session


As we know most of the Indian weddings go through the various process to reach the end day of marriage like Mehendi, Haldi and so on. This can be a tiring process as they have to interact with the guests and mingle with them all. So what can be the best gift for them to remove all the exhaustion and be fresh for their special day? what else? it can be a relaxing spa session. A pre-booked spa session and mud baths to keep them rejuvenated.

Relaxing experience



If you are more close to the couples then you will know their tastes and dislikes. This makes it more easier to plan something surprising for them. It can be a dance session with a celebrity or cooking experience with their favourite chef. Choose something they will enjoy.

Handmade ideas



This is one of the best ways to show you care for the couples as it takes your time and effort. This can be something funny, emotional or enjoyable. It can be a photo collage of memories, scrapbook or special videos of your near and dear one's wishes, especially during the COVID era.

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