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What happens in the event industry

Corona Virus:- what happens in the event industry.




All events were canceled this year due to the spread of the novel Corona Virus. Event professionals shared their thoughts on the survey and how the industry needs to recover. We know that the business event industry will lead to global economic recovery. We have taken swift and quick steps to initiate recovery, such as partnering with various agencies to help with financial recovery. according to data shared by the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA), the event industry has suffered huge losses so far. In this extraordinary situation, we understand that raising the health and safety of staff, sponsors and participants are crucial; On the other hand, there is a need to meet financial obligations or at least minimize disruptive losses.




Following the lockdown, the industry, which employs more than 60 million people, sent a detailed document to the government requesting immediate intervention by the Events and Entertainment Management Association. Virtual events have now stopped. Conferences and important seminars can be held due to social distance. Now, this is done in an online manner, but it does not give particular importance to the situation.




Aduba events promote certain social practices for quarantine weddings and receptions. To reduce the number of guests in the main function and to arrange one or two wedding party functions using all the precautions of this situation. We offer great services to people who are interested in this.

Because you know where your event is going, it's easy to evaluate whether or not you can continue. An event that is held in a high-risk area cannot continue. But once the crisis is over and the area is considered safe again, you have to decide whether to stop it or move it somewhere else. The fear is that the cancellation of events and the activation industry will force layoffs, reduce salaries, delay mandatory payments, and become the company's top shutdown.



Currently, technical applications, such as video-conferences, webinars, and virtual meetings, are playing their individual parts, especially for the corporate side, to try to make operations work. Event planners who are driven by social distance and temporarily distanced from human contact should digitally rethink their live events. In the short term, event and meeting planning will be the sole control online. Everybody does web-based webinars and similar events so they can keep in touch with their target audience