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Some of the unique food station ideas for the Wedding season

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Wedding seasons are a great occasion to meet your loved ones and share the happiness with them. Food is what unites people and is an important part of the function. A Party organiser always tries to bring the best in serving, of high quality and quantity. Trying new dishes will be a great way to know different cuisines and at the same time the traditional foods will never fall out. They always have a good space in the heart of the people. Let's see some of the food stations you can set up during the wedding.

Make sure everything mentioned below is ok before setting your food stations:-

  • The styling of the food station matches the theme and if there is a suitable place for setting everything
  • Whether any catering staff should be required or not
  • The number of guests you are inviting.

Sweet candy station

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Varieties of candies and sweet bars can be included in this food station. Some of the best candies to be included are marshmallows, rock candy, meringues, chocolate and fudge. Make it more attractive by keeping them in glass vessels, letting the people choose the candy they love the most. Approach some of the best bakers to create your food station.

Grazing station

special day arrangements

You can also create a food station with all the necessary items in one go, instead of creating separate stations for each one. The items to be included in this list are infinite. You can start with fruits, snacks, dips and go even bigger with meat, cheese items, crackers, salads, etc. This can be your creation or else you can hand it to some other expert caterers in setting up the same.

Sweet tooth’s station

special day arrangements

This section is specially meant for all cake and dessert lovers. Feel free to try any flavour, because trying something sweet makes you sweeter. Your own creation of designer cakes and desserts can be included, but it's better to have a backup if your creations haven't turn out in the way you expected. So it is better to hand over this to professionals.

Pie eaters point

special day arrangements

The most common way of a serving includes sweets, cakes, candies and ice creams, all for the sweet tooth’s but what about others? One recipe where both sweet and sour can be included is in the pie recipe. Some of the pie varieties include fruit pie (any fruit), flavour pie (any flavours) and sour pie. Both large pies and small pies can be included in this station.

Taco-Nacho stations

special day arrangements

If you wanna try something completely out of the box, then you can opt for the Mexican twist which includes the Tacos and Nachos. These Nachos and Tacos can be best served with cocktails or as snacks or as a late-night snack. As these are somewhat complicated to make it is best to give the work to some experienced caterers. Being the best event management organisers in Dubai, we can promise you in providing all the services we have mentioned above and can customise according to your needs.